Gas analyzer atmosFIRt

gaz analyzer atmosFIRt

atmosFIRt is Protea's latest generation of FTIR gas analyzer technology in a portable or mobile design. The atmosFIR system is an enhancement of the previous FT-IR spectroscopy technology. It is one of the most economical analytical products on the market today with a wide range of applications. The basis of atmosFIR is a reliable and proven high resolution FT-IR spectrometer providing high signal throughput, low noise, and long component life. The atmosFIR system has been designed with the most recent advances and advances in technology in mind, such as:


Low cost of ownership


Low need for maintenance


Strength and lightness, using the latest materials for manufacturing


Available as a portable or benchtop unit, or as part of an installed Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) system.


atmosFIRt is supplied in a rugged, portable case to enable mobile measurements on site.

These benefits are complemented by increased performance over existing products. This is achieved through the use of a new small, robust, high-resolution, low-noise interferometer. AtmosFIR is equipped with a sensitive DTGS detector that operates at ambient temperature without the need for liquid nitrogen or other cooled detectors. In addition, Protea offers a powerful Process Automation System (PAS) software package as well as training and support to enable the user to unleash the full performance potential of the product.

Fit for purpose

Protea was the first company in the UK to use FTIR spectroscopy for accredited stack emissions analysis. Since we not only produce, but also we use this equipment ourselves, we were able to develop atmosFIRt hardware and software that would satisfy the needs of engineers in this area to the maximum extent possible.


  • No need to install a pre-sample preparation unit

  • Flexible sampling system configurations according to customer requirements

  • Heating line support bracket

  • Integrated heating line and heated probe controller with signal to FT-IR spectroscope

  • Functions for Mass Flow Regulator for:

       -Analyte spiking

       -Built-in linearity calibration from FTIR software

Convenient software

With years of experience with FTIR applications, Protea has developed proprietary software platforms to enable both the novice user and FTIR expert to unleash the full power of the atmosFIR analyzer. PAS-Pro software provides complete automation of the process:

  • Touch screen interface

  • Detailed display of status and alarms

  • Unlimited gas measurements

  • No need to store a large spectral library on the analyzer PC

  • Pass / Fail indication conforms to standard FTIR spectroscopy methods according to ASTM, US EPA, ISO and UK EA TGN

  • Multi-range measurement with automatic range switching

  • Separate test log for easy data storage

  • Sequence programming for multi-point measurements and automation of calibration, purges, etc.

  • Full control of calibration gases in software - names, concentrations, certification numbers of gases

  • Heated Sampling System Alarm Response

  • For traceability, all spectra are saved with sampling information - temperature, pressure, oxygen content, resolution

Hardware Specifications