P2000 analyzer

gaz analyzer P2000

The P2000 analyzers maximally eliminate the disadvantages of similar in-situ analyzers, such as: the effect of increased vibration, measurement of one or two components, and calibration difficulties

Analyzer circuit

gaz analyzer P2000

It goes without saying that non-extractive analyzers have a number of advantages over extractive ones and their use provides the best metrological characteristics, completely eliminates the issue of additional errors associated with the extraction, transportation and changes of the gas sample. These analyzers ensure uninterrupted operation and are not subject to factors affecting systems with sampling, allow you to control the emissions of the main pollutants, as well as control oxygen, humidity of flue gases, their temperature and pressure.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

A common disadvantage of these systems is their placement at a height and, as a consequence, the complexity of maintenance. However, due to the fact that the P2000 is constructed from maintenance-free materials and assemblies, this drawback is leveled.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Extractive analyzers are recommended for use where there is no possibility of maintaining the analyzers at height, as well as where monitoring of 7 or more components in flue gases is required.

Technical features


Measurement Method: NDIR


In-Situ, installation in process

(There is a version of the extractive type)


Simultaneous control of up to six gases


Availability of the option to control temperature and pressure directly in the analyzer, there is no need to complete the system with additional temperature and pressure sensors


Explosion-proof version for P2000

Minimum ranges * of concentration of measuring substances with the P2000 analyzer

* - The maximum range depends on the composition of the sample and can reach 100%