P5000 analyzer

gaz analyzer Р5000

Model P5000 - NDUV (Ultraviolet Spectrometry). Designed to measure low concentrations of sulfur-containing substances ( H2S , SO2 , R-SH ) and others, such as NH3 , CL2 , NO2 .

Minimum ranges * of concentration of measuring substances with the P5000 analyzer

* - The maximum range depends on the composition of the sample and can reach 100%

System features:


Low cost of equipment compared to systems based on extractive analyzers

Control up to six gases simultaneously


Easy maintenance due to no sample preparation system

Completion of the measuring cell heater if the process temperature is below 180 ℃

Self-cleaning of the measuring cell filter with automatic backflush

Low cost of ownership

Possibility of simultaneous on-line monitoring of four sources of pollution with one Protea P-PC control module

Collection, archiving and transfer of data in accordance with the orders of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 262 and 263 dated March 13, 2019.