Portable gas analyzers

Gas analyzer Binar 1-P

Газоанализатор Бинар-1П


  • Forced sampling;

  • Up to 8 simultaneously measured components;

  • Display of each channel on the LCD;

  • Autonomous work up to 8 hours;

  • Alert about exceeding the permissible values; -20 to + 40 ° C.

Gas analyzer atmosFIRt

 gas analyzer atmosFIRt

atmosFIRt  is a standard 19 ”rack of the atmosFIR multigas analyzer in a ready-to-use portable form.

The outer casing is a rugged, high IP rated enclosure for transport and use in the toughest field conditions. The device retains all the functions of the desktop version of atmosFIR:

  • Built-in O2 sensor

  • Heated inlet filter

  • Digital and analog outputs