Analysis of technological processes

Analyzer atmosIRw

 gas analyzer atmosFIRw

AtmosIRw is Protea's latest technology in photometric gas analysis. The atmoslRw system is a multicomponent extraction analyzer using state of the art multi-pass cell technology also developed by Protea. The analyzer can monitor up to 6 (six) types of gases, and oxygen content, while ensuring full compliance with international standards for the effectiveness of such equipment.

Analyzer atmosUV

 gas analyzer atmosUV

The atmosUV System is an extractive multicomponent analyzer utilizing Protea's advanced multi-pass cell technology. The analyzer is capable of monitoring multiple gases simultaneously with the performance requirements of international standards.

Analyzer S-200/S-200 ATEX

sigas S-200

S-200/S-200 ATEX — budget solution for process control based on the following measurement methods:

  • IN / UV – spectroscopy

  • Paramagnetic

  • Thermal conductivity

  • Electrochemical

FTIR Gas analyzeratmosFIR

 gas analyzer FTIR atmosFIR


  • ​Detector DTGS (deuterated triglycine sulfate detector)

  • Wider and more linear range, than MCT (detector based on cadmium telluride - mercury)

  • Integrated sample preparation system

  • Nitrogen purge valve N2

  • Analog and digital I / O

AGC Nova Stream 6000

 gas analyzer NovaStream 6000


  • Thermal conductivity detector

  • Fast detector response: <30 seconds (T90)

  • Large 6.5 '' color LCD touch screen

  • Alarm in case of no sample flow

  • Integrated diagnostic system